New Start Again

With the start of a new academic year at Berkeley, I will try to post on my blog again!  Here’s a quick poll to see what level of interest is out there among our church members for these posts…

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5 Responses to New Start Again

  1. sipdong says:

    keep posting :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think once a week is a good count. If you post too often, people will get annoyed (because I’ve done it), thinks you talk too much. If you post too little, people think you are a bit distant. So, I usually reconcile somewhere around 7 days. After all, you can just post 4 per month, which is not too much.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Something new

  4. cindychoi226 says:

    we love your posts, keep posting!

  5. John Lin says:

    Yes, looking forward to a new one. Also just saw one done by Pastor Jonathan @ Gracepoint Austin,

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